Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Speaker; Author; Founder
Inclusion Nation

From Intention to Action: Ten Rules for Allyship in the Legal Workplace

Everyone says they’re well-meaning. But well-meaning is only the start. Good intentions don’t change behaviors or systems like real actions taken for change. This is the work of allyship.

While many of us might think we are good allies, so much of allyship can be performative. Our real test is whether those with whom we are allying believe the same. Do they see your good intentions translating into active support in your firms and the courtroom? Would they want you to become a better ally through your words and deeds?

In “From Intention to Action,” Michelle Silverthorn, attorney, author, and Founder & CEO of Inclusion Nation, will share what it means to be an ally in the legal profession and what inequities allies must recognize. She will help attendees become aware of the privileges of their identities and the power they have available. She’ll share the steps needed to become a better ally inside and outside the workplace, and help us all learn the language, actions, and tools to promote real, lasting change in the legal profession.

Speaker Bio

Michelle Silverthorn is a trailblazer in the field of diversity and inclusion, advocating for new voices to be heard in a dynamic, ever-changing workplace. With a wealth of experience as an organizational inclusion expert and a highly sought after global keynote speaker, Michelle has lent her expertise to a range of Fortune 500 companies, banks, law firms, startups, Hollywood studios, universities, and non-profits. From intimate workshops to industry conferences, Michelle equips everyone with the necessary tools and skills to finally make real progress on diversity and inclusion.

After graduating from Princeton University and the University of Michigan Law School, Michelle worked as an attorney in New York and Chicago before founding the diversity consulting firm, Inclusion Nation. She now travels the world and delivers over 100 speeches and workshops each year, both in person and online, spreading the message of inclusion and belonging.

As a TEDx speaker and author of the book “Authentic Diversity: How to Change the Workplace for Good,” Michelle has shared her expertise with countless individuals and organizations. Her newly released Inclusion LAUNCH diversity e-learning suite provides a valuable resource for companies and individuals seeking to improve their understanding of these important principles.

Her expertise has garnered her recognition from a variety of media outlets, including NPR, PBS, Bloomberg, the Chicago Tribune, and Fortune Magazine. Michelle’s professional journey has taken her to many corners of the globe, including jobs in Trinidad and Tobago, Peru, Botswana, Kazakhstan, and Switzerland. She has experienced a wide range of cultures and lifestyles, from her childhood in the beautiful Caribbean to her current home in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and through it all, has committed to the singular goal – making diversity matter for good.