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The Elusiveness of Well-Being in the Legal Profession

After reviewing 11 years of data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, The Washington Post identified the law as the most stressful profession. With all the stressors and demands of the legal profession, is prioritizing mental and physical health attainable for legal professionals?

During this panel, Bree Buchanan and Patrick Krill, two global leaders in the study of health and well-being of the legal profession, will share data from their research on attorney mental health and substance abuse and discuss its implications for lawyers, clients, and public trust in the legal profession.

The panelists will also provide recommendations on realistic practices that all lawyers—from BigLaw to solos—can implement to support their health and well-being and the effective delivery of legal services.

Speaker Bio

Patrick Krill is a lawyer, licensed and board-certified addiction counselor, and researcher who has initiated and helped lead many of the legal profession’s efforts to improve mental health over the last decade. Widely regarded as a leading authority on the mental health and wellbeing of lawyers, he is the founder of Krill Strategies, a behavioral health consulting firm exclusively for the legal profession. In that role, he serves as a trusted advisor and educator to large legal employers, including more than half of AmLaw 100 firms.

Patrick is the former director of the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation’s Legal Professionals Program, a leading clinical treatment program for lawyers, judges and law students struggling with addiction and mental health problems. Patrick regularly publishes cutting edge, peer-reviewed research on lawyer mental health, has authored approximately eighty published articles related to addiction and mental health, and is frequently quoted in both print and broadcast media. Patrick’s highly specialized background and unique breadth of knowledge related to mental health and well-being in the legal profession make him a widely sought-after speaker and trusted resource for solving one of the legal profession’s most challenging problems. He can be reached at