From Intention to Action: Ten Rules for Allyship in the Legal Workplace

Everyone says they’re well-meaning. But well-meaning is only the start. Good intentions don’t change behaviors or systems like real actions taken for change. This is the work of allyship.

While many of us might think we are good allies, so much of allyship can be performative. Our real test is whether those with whom we are allying believe the same. Do they see your good intentions translating into active support in your firms and the courtroom? Would they want you to become a better ally through your words and deeds?

In “From Intention to Action,” Michelle Silverthorn, attorney, author, and Founder & CEO of Inclusion Nation, will share what it means to be an ally in the legal profession and what inequities allies must recognize. She will help attendees become aware of the privileges of their identities and the power they have available. She’ll share the steps needed to become a better ally inside and outside the workplace, and help us all learn the language, actions, and tools to promote real, lasting change in the legal profession.