The Future Is Now: Legal Services

What's The Future Is Now: Legal Services conference?

The Future Is Now: Legal Services is an annual conference hosted by the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism. During the event, thought leaders from across the U.S. and beyond present compelling TED-like talks and participate in townhall discussions on topics that explore the future of the legal profession. Topics can include evolving alternative legal landscapes, advancing DEI in the profession, attorney well-being, access to justice innovation, legal technology, and more.

How many years has The Future Is Now been running?

After a break in 2020 due to COVID-19, 2021 will be our fifth year (and our first virtual conference)! We continue to attract speakers that address the legal industry’s most pressing issues – issues you need to know to evolve and excel in your practice.

Who attends The Future Is Now?

The Future Is Now attracts hundreds of legal professionals and entrepreneurs from across the U.S. and internationally. Whether you’re a judge, attorney, paralegal, bar leader, law librarian, legal academic, law student, access to justice expert, tech entrepreneur, or just interested in the delivery of legal services, there’s something for you at The Future Is Now.

Does The Future Is Now offer CLE credit?

Yes! The Future Is Now is approved for CLE credit each year. In 2021, attendees are eligible to receive 1.75 hours of professional responsibility CLE for each day they attend. 

Does The Future Is Now offer judicial education credit?

The Future Is Now has been approved for up to 4.5 hours of external professional responsibility judicial education credit for Illinois judges, per the Comprehensive Education Plan for Illinois Judges. These hours include:

• 1.5 hours of diversity and inclusion credit
• 1.5 hours of judicial wellness credit
• 1.5 hours of professionalism credit

(Please note: Judges may only receive a total of 6 hours of credit per reporting period from providers other than the Illinois Judicial College.)

Travel and Location

When and where is the conference being hosted?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our 2021 conference will be hosted virtually on the Airmeet platform! We look forward to providing attendees with the innovative practice strategies, diverse perspectives, and useful learning opportunities they’ve come to expect from The Future Is Now, only in a virtual format.

What's the conference schedule?

The conference will be held Tuesday, April 27 – Thursday, April 29, 2021, from 12 – 2 p.m. CDT on Airmeet. The agenda can be found here: https://thefutureisnow.2civility.org/2021-agenda-live/

How do I get to the virtual platform?

The conference will be hosted on the Airmeet platform. Attendees will be provided with a login link prior to the event.


How do I register for The Future Is Now?

How much is registration?


I can't attend the conference, will I receive a refund?

If you’re unable to attend the conference, we ask that you try to gift your registration to someone who would enjoy the conference. If you find someone to gift your ticket to, please reach out to David Bell at david.bell@2civility.org and we’ll change the attendee information.

Unfortunately, we don’t offer refunds.

Can I transfer my pass to someone else?

Of course! Reach out to David Bell at david.bell@2civility.org and we’ll change the attendee information.

How can I receive discounted tickets?

Attendees who register for all three days will receive a discounted rate of just over $16 per day. Additionally, if you’re experiencing financial hardship, please reach out to David Bell at David.bell@2civility.org.

Is anything else included with my registration?

While we can’t provide virtual refreshments, we do invite attendees to participate in a Continuing the Conversation discussion after each day of The Future Is Now. The optional, 30-minute conversation will provide attendees with the option to ask questions and discuss topics covered in greater detail with fellow attendees. (CLE credit will not be provided.)

Event Specifics

Does the conference have an app?

While we will not have a conference app this year, attendees will be able to view sessions and communicate with others on the virtual conference platform.

What's the conference's social media hashtag?

Join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #TFIN21. You can also link to and follow the Commission on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Can I ask questions during the event?

Of course! Attendees are encouraged to ask questions during the conference through the Q&A window, which will appear next to the session window. Don’t want to see the Q&A window? Don’t worry – you can hide it.

Will the virtual platform be accessible for all?

More information to come on accessibility options soon.