Amplify the Value of Your Practice for Today’s Legal Consumer

What does the next generation of legal services consumers want? Value. But with new technology, novel service providers, and a changing legal landscape, it can be difficult for lawyers to break through and communicate the value of their services to today’s consumers. Moreover, many attorneys haven’t taken steps to assess their own value proposition and identify what clients really want in a legal services provider.

In this talk, Kim Bennett will discuss how you can redesign your practice to drive value, embracing new legal services models (like alternative billing solutions and subscription-based services) and the priorities of your clients (like diversity efforts to design a new table), while also creating a sustainable business you love that’s grounded in well-being.

The opportunity to expand and ignite your services with fresh thinking and creative solutions is now.

Speaker Bio

Kimberly Bennett is an avid traveler, lover of technology, legal industry disruptor, speaker, and an attorney who runs K Bennett Law LLC, a boutique, virtual trademark, and business strategy law practice.

In addition to managing her practice, Kim is passionate about moving the legal industry forward. You can find Kim hosting her weekly live show, Watch Us Lead, teaching service professionals how to add subscription services to their business, and facilitating workshops and presentations on innovation, leadership, inclusion, and the future of law and the legal industry.