Establishing Competence Eliminating Tech Bias in the Modern Law Firm

Technology is fundamental to the proper delivery of legal services. Over 26 state bar associations have already recognized an ethical duty of tech competence. Yet, a systemic failure to meet this obligation diminishes the quality of work performed for clients and the quality of the life for those performing it.

Technological illiteracy paired with generational bias causes law firms to implement faulty strategies with respect to technology training. Or worse, they fail to implement a strategy altogether, thinking they don’t need one. The pernicious myth of the digital native lets decision makers treat tech skill as a talent, rather than a bundle of learned skills acquired through time and deliberate practice.

The reality is that most lawyers, regardless of their age, are not fluent with today’s basic office technologies. Competency-based learning, especially integrated into the legal curriculum and CLE ecosystem, is the alternative path that we need to be bold enough to pursue.