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The Future of Lawyering 

Jordan Furlong

Legal sector analyst Jordan Furlong examines critical new developments and emerging patterns in the legal services ecosystem with his blog at Law21. 

Caren Naidoff and Alan Press

Bring your law office into the 21st century with client-centered ideas and takeaways to work more efficiently and effectively. 

Kim Bennett

Listen to self-described disruption attorney Kim Bennett take you down various business-model paths for changing how you deliver value to your clients. 

Judicial Resources

The Future of Attorney Well-Being

Brian Cuban

  • The Lawyer’s Depression Project In this article Brian highlights the Lawyer’s Depression Project which is grassroots effort to address depressiona and other mental health issues in the legal profession. 
  • Dealing with Social Isolation – Law students, lawyers, and judges commonly feel social isolation, according to Brian, and it is important to be aware of this rather than allowing it to trigger problematice alcohol & drug use. 
  • When It Comes to Mental Health, Don’t Mind Your Own Business – Brian shares his personal story of how his life was saved because people did not mind their own business and all it takes is simply checking-in on someone and letting them know you are there. 

Diana Uchiyama

  • COVID-19: The Short and Long Term Mental Health ConsequencesThe impact of COVID-19 on one’s mental health cannot be understated and the Illinois Lawyers’ Assistance Program (LAP) is a confidential resource available to all lawyers and judges.  
  • Maladaptive PerfectionismIn this article, Dr. Diana addresses how accepting yourself as an imperfect person and tackling perfectionistic tendencies will help you gain more control over your life.  

Tracy Kepler 

Judicial Resources

The Future of DEI in the Legal Profession

Ellie Krug 

  • Allyship for Lawyers in an Awakened America (Please print) – This six-page handout prepared by Ellie Krug provides takeaways from her longer training on allyship.  Refer to this handy document for basic vocabulary, historical context, and ready-to-use examples of engaging in courageous conversations. 

Rick Palmore 

These two videos describe the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity history and programs: 

Calls to Action by Corporate General Counsel: 

Reports and articles: 

Judge Williams

Here are websites for the various pipeline programs highlighted by Judge Williams

Judicial Resources

Additional resources may be added before the conference.