Will Reimagining Legal Regulation Improve Access to Justice?

The American legal profession is at a crossroads. Time and again, studies show that too many Americans up and down the income scale are unable to access legal assistance or advice. Yet, despite this immense need for legal services, lawyers are struggling to make ends meet. Without change, we face devastating impacts on public trust and confidence in our legal system.

What’s the solution? Earlier this year, both the ABA and the Conference of Chief Justices adopted resolutions encouraging states to consider regulatory innovations for the delivery of legal services.

Zack DeMeola will discuss the differing viewpoints on these resolutions, the re-regulation efforts already underway in various states, and the impact of regulatory innovation on justice.

Following his talk, Zack will be joined by Tim Eaton, Partner at Taft, for a keynote townhall discussion on the complexities of regulatory reform.