The Changing Face of Legal Entrepreneurship

2017 seemed to be the ‘Year of the Woman’ in legal tech. With noteworthy exits, exciting new pursuits, and increasing female leadership, there appears to be a positive momentum in the changing face of legal entrepreneurship.

However, within tech, only 3% of venture capital is invested in female founders, and less than 1% in Black/Latinx entrepreneurs. In an industry pushing to increase diversity in its ranks, as well as address changing consumer demographics, we are losing out on building scalable, impactful legal tech companies due to this funding gap.

Luckily, law provides a number of touchpoints where we can engage and support entrepreneurs to identify and solve problems that have long gone unnoticed– especially around access to justice. From innovative law school classes to legal tech incubators, the industry is now in a position to change the face of the profession and solve critical problems that only diverse entrepreneurs are equipped to solve.