Keynote Discussion on Regulatory Reform

Due to the complexities of regulatory reform, Tim Eaton will join Zack DeMeola for a keynote townhall discussion following Zack’s talk “Will Reimagining Legal Regulation Improve Access to Justice?”

Having worked in both small and large firms and as the former president of the ISBA and the CBA, Tim is steeped in the practicalities and challenges facing Illinois lawyers, as well as the foundational principles that set the legal profession apart from other business enterprises.

Areas of inquiry during the townhall session will include:

  • Is there evidence linking changes in attorney regulation to increased access to justice?
  • Would regulatory changes allow BigLaw and/or accounting firms to take over the delivery of legal services, leaving solos and small firm practitioners struggling even more?
  • How would regulatory changes affect the core values of the profession such as client confidentiality and an attorney’s duty to maintain independent professional judgment?
  • How would clients be protected from companies that deliver legal products but aren’t bound by the Rules of Professional Conduct?