Immigration Legal Services 2.0

The market for immigration legal services is at an all-time high, and the competition among attorneys for clients who can afford traditional services is growing. However, this also leaves many potential clients with modest incomes in a tough place. Unable to afford traditional services, but earning more than what would qualify for legal aid, these potential clients tumble squarely into the justice gap. Unserved, many are left with no choice but to turn to online legal providers, tackle their legal problem alone, or, in most cases, do nothing at all.

This is an opportunity for lawyers – an opportunity to earn fees, an opportunity for young lawyers to learn, and most of all an opportunity to serve the very people who historically have helped make our country so great.

Unfortunately, these potential clients aren’t going to simply stumble into a law office one day, so what’s an attorney to do? How can enterprising lawyers better leverage their relationships and new technology, along with substantive legal knowledge, to meet these clients where they are and deliver the legal services they need, when they need them?