Value in Action: How Attorneys are Evolving Their Practices

We’ve discussed how attorneys define value, how they can measure it, and the importance of value for all in our justice system. Now it’s time to examine the ways attorneys are rethinking their practices to improve the value they deliver to clients.  

In this panel, speakers will share how adopting a value-based mindset has changed their practices and empowered them to better serve the needs of today’s consumers. The discussion will include:  

  • The benefits of adopting an ABT Mindset (always be testing) and applying measurement practices like usability testing and user research in data-driven decision making. 
  • How lawyers can collaborate with experts outside the legal profession to provide customer-centric services.  
  • Why embracing technology and thinking outside the box is a win-win for consumers and lawyers alike. 
  • The difference between #justicetech and generating leads.