Bringing the Law to the Living Room

Denise Stanton, a single mother of two children, lost her husband to cancer two years ago. She is inundated with medical bills from her deceased husband’s treatment. Furthermore, her six-year-old son, Jon, is disabled and needs regular home health care and medications. Despite working full-time, Denise doesn’t have enough money between her paycheck and Social Security income to cover all of her monthly expenses. Although she’s considered consulting a lawyer, she doesn’t know where to look.

Denise is similar to many other middle- or low-income American families in desperate need of legal assistance who either don’t know their rights, can’t take time off from work to visit a lawyer, can’t arrange child care, or are simply intimidated by the prospect of hiring a lawyer.

If lawyers are willing to tap the capacities of technology and the services of non-lawyer employees, we can make quality, affordable legal services available to the Denises of this world. Literally, we can deliver the legal help Denise needs to turn her life around directly to her living room, and we can do it in ways that are positive and productive for lawyers.