Bridging Gaps in Access to Legal Services

TurnSignl is an on-demand, real-time service that provides 24/7 legal guidance from an attorney to drivers while their camera records the interaction. When drivers are stopped by law enforcement officers or involved in a car accident, they can access live video chat with an attorney at the press of a button. TurnSignl attorneys are vetted and trained to de-escalate interactions between police, drivers, and passengers, help protect drivers’ civil rights, and ensure that all parties return home safely. Jazz Hampton, TurnSignl’s CEO and General Counsel, has been featured on PBS NewsHour, NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, CBS, and NBC Top Story. Jazz will join us for a fireside chat to discuss innovating to fill gaps in the justice system, de-escalation techniques for tense legal situations, using a client-centered approach to designing and delivering legal services, and more.