Allyship for Lawyers in an Awakened America

Many consider themselves an “ally” of the LGBTQ+ or BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color) communities and other marginalized groups. However, “allyship” is different; it’s the action part of being an ally. And because we’re human—which means we’re often afraid or confused—we often don’t engage in true allyship.

In the 2020s, when we’ve finally begun to understand how the system has historically favored white people over others, what does true allyship look like, particularly for legal professionals inside and out of their workplaces?

In this talk, Ellie Krug will discuss fear as a hurdle to allyship and offer strategies for how to approach workplace and everyday situations where it’s necessary to speak up on behalf of others. Additionally, Ellie will offer tips on apology and forgiveness, which are critical to true allyship.

As legal professionals, it’s time for us to get allyship right. This talk is a start.